Angeles Crest 100 Endurance Run

Frequently Asked Questions

Qualification, Trail Maintenance (TM) and Training Run

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How do I submit my TM Data?
You must submit your TM Data on the website. Click on the TM Icon at the top of the website and follow the prompts. You must complete the TM before you submit it.

Is there a TM Process Flow Diagram?
Yes, look for the TM Flow Diagram in this years Race info.

When will the new Trail Maintenance and Training Run Schedule be available?
Normally, the Schedule will be published on the website in early April. We have to wait till the winter rains and weather conditions have ended in the ANF before we publish the Schedule. A sample of last years Schedule is on the website in the Gray area for your information only. Something similar will be published for this years race.

Will you let us know when the new TM/TR Schedule is available.
When I post the Trail Maintenance / Training Run (TM/TR) Schedule on the website, I will send a Mass Email out to all runners in the race.

If I do not perform my Trail Maintenance in Southern California but perform it where I live/train, how do I submit it convenient 4 hours segments.
If you live in Southern California (South of Fresno), then you must perform your Trail Maintenance with Gary Hilliard on ANF. If you live anywhere else, then perform your Trail Maintenance where you live/train. If you do your Trail Maintenance over several days in 4 hour segments because it is not convenient to perform it in one day. Then submit your Trail Maintenance after you complete 8 hours! The Trail Maintenance Form is not set up to submit Trail Maintenance in 4 hour segments.