Angeles Crest 100 Endurance Run

Frequently Asked Questions

Pacer Rules

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How many Pacers is a runner allowed?
One at a time.

Where can I pickup his Pacer?
You can pick up his Pacer at Chilao or Chantry Flats (CF). You cannot pick up a Pacer at Shortcut Saddle.

If I want to use a Pacer at Chilao and at CF, how do you recommend I do it?
We recommend the crew with the Car Pass drop off a Pacer at Chilao, then drive the second Pacer to CF and switch Pacer at CF. Then drive to the Finish Line with the Pacer from Chilao and wait for your runner to arrive.

Can we park a vehicle at CF to pace our runner from there?
No, if your Pacer parks his vehicle at Chilao or CF to pace a runner, we will automatically disqualify his runner.