Race Results

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No Race in 2002 and 2009 due to fires

Race results where place = 77

YearPositionNameAgeLocationFinish TimeSex
199077Robert M. Tuller, Jr.0--, --32.11.55M
199177Bob Norton0--, --32.16.11M
199477Paul Schmidt0--, --32.28.00M
199577Jack Slater0--, --31.44.58M
199677Michael Gleman0--, --31.11.44M
199777Robert Adjemian0--, --31.26.03M
199877A. J. Shaka0--, --32.27.49M
199977Frank Pitts0--, --31.54.29M
200077Conrad Daniel52Redlands, CA31:14.1M
200677Michael Landa27Garden Grove, CA32:35.5M
200777Jay Dobrowalski28Moorpark, CA32:02:35M
200877Elijah Liao36Rancho Palos, CA31:37.5M
201477Carlos Frias29Escondido, CA31:48:20M


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