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No Race in 2002 and 2009 due to fires

Race results where place = 76

YearPositionNameAgeLocationFinish TimeSex
198976Dong Ngo0--, --32.42.43M
199076Bill Harns0--, --32.09.14M
199176David Turner0--, --32.12.46M
199476Ed Arasim0--, --32.28.00M
199576Carrie Burrous0--, --31.43.16M
199676Jim Magill0--, --31.07.03M
199776Stephen Simmons0--, --31.24.55M
199876Rick Kelley0--, --32.22.56M
199976Phil Wright0--, --31.54.10M
200076Tim Sheedy51Pasadena, CA31:04.1M
200676Wendy Young (F)50Simi Valley, CA32:33.6F
200776Tom Geha40Los Angeles, CA31:56:50M
200876Brian Curtiss32San Diego, CA31:37.0M
201476Jesus Castellanos47Arleta, CA31:37:24M