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No Race in 2002 and 2009 due to fires

Race results where place = 44

YearPositionNameAgeLocationFinish TimeSex
198844Milo Lewis0--, --32.32.08M
198944Ferdinand de Souza0--, --29.11.11M
199044Bill Dickey0--, --29.43.03M
199144Dixie Madsen0--, --29.44.20M
199244Joan Szarfinski0--, --30.04.00M
199344Jose Wilkie0--, --30.38.57M
199444Burgess Harmer0--, --29.16.50M
199544Garry Curry0--, --28.51.47M
199644Duke Bartoo0--, --28.48.26M
199744Gary Zicker0--, --28.50.02M
199844Jim Longwith0--, --29.58.00M
199944Sharlene Cadwallader0--, --29.35.19M
200044Justin Soares21Corvallis, OR27:47.3M
200144Ken Ward44Corvallis, OR30:54.2M
200344Steve Teal38Phelan, CA30:52.6M
200444Andrew Salinger36Oak Park, CA29:41.1M
200544Jonathan Gunderson27San Francisco, CA31:45.1M
200644Douglas Spencer48Santa Monica, CA28:38.5M
200744Chris Jensen43Palmdale, CA28:24:54M
200844Harald Walther43Mountain View, CA28:37.3M
201044Chihping Fu44Fremont, CA30:53.2M
201144Katie DeSplinter (F)28Los Angeles, CA30:53.2F
201244Jack Cheng40Temple City, CA29:41.11M
201344Christina Williams29Lafayette, CA29:56.20F
201444Colin Cooley43Hermosa Beach, CA27:51:54M