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No Race in 2002 and 2009 due to fires

Race results where place = 38

YearPositionNameAgeLocationFinish TimeSex
198738Booth Hartley0--, --31.58.43M
198838Scott Willis0--, --31.38.07M
198938Dick Collins0--, --28.21.18M
199038Dave Olney0--, --28.59.06M
199138Wendell Robison0--, --28.51.24M
199238Wendell Robison0--, --29.22.00M
199338Jay Grobeson0--, --29.41.06M
199438Bruce Mauldin0--, --28.52.20M
199538Gary Wang0--, --28.10.20M
199638Fred Dimmick0--, --28.25.23M
199738Michael Suter0--, --27.59.22M
199838Eric Kajiwara0--, --29.03.22M
199938Robert Delelice0--, --29.06.33M
200038Raymond Greenlaw39Savanah, GA27:18.4M
200138Mike Malinin33Los Angeles, CA29:41.3M
200338Jerry Bloom50Shingle Springs, CA30:17.2M
200438Ted Harlan28Boulder, CO29:03.3M
200538Francisco Fabian54Covina, CA30:49.1M
200638Jeff Stein40Irvine, CA28:03.0M
200738Bill Walz37Burbank, CA28:06:54M
200838Kermit Cuff50Mountain View, CA27:57.3M
201038Monica Scholz (F)43Jerseyville,Ontario, CAN29:53.5F
201138Paul Tidmore42Carrollton, TX29:49.0M
201238Jussi Hamalainen66Van Nuys, CA29:13.09M
201338Jaime Ortiz52South Gate, CA28:50.56M
201438Kelley Puckett33Los Angeles, CA27:33:02F