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No Race in 2002 and 2009 due to fires

Race results where place = 3

YearPositionNameAgeLocationFinish TimeSex
19863Jussi Hamalainen0--, --22.49.56M
19873Jim O'Brien0--, --19.51.47M
19883Stephen Harris0--, --21.17.40M
19893Jack Slater0--, --21.20.17M
19903Jack Slater0--, --21.45.14M
19913Joe Schlereth0--, --21.37.27M
19923Joe Schlereth0--, --20.59.18M
19933Jussi Hamalainen0--, --20.33.25M
19943Dale Capewell0--, --21.04.30M
19953Jussi Hamalainen0--, --19.51.26M
19963Joe Schlereth0--, --20.46.35M
19973Kevin Sawchuk0--, --20.23.14M
19983Tom Nielsen0--, --19.26.08M
19993Ian Torrance0--, --20.26.19M
20003Hans Put39Astoria, NY20:18.1M
20013Guillermo Medina27Valley Village, CA22:09.5M
20033Guillermo Medina28Valley Village, CA20:45.2M
20043Andy Jones-Wilkins36Oakland, CA19:53.1M
20053Tom Nielsen46Escondido, CA20:26.3M
20063Kyle Hoang35Costa Mesa, CA20:35.5M
20073Carlos Herrera22Chihuarua, MEX20:10:33M
20083Justin Angle34Seattle, WA20:08.0M
20103Ruperto Romero46Huntington Park, CA21:25.2M
20113Tom Nielsen51Laguna Niguel, CA22:42.5M
20123Ruperto Romero48Huntington Park, CA21:12.27M
20133Jamil Coury28Phoenix, AZ20:58.19M
20143Dominic Grossman27Brentwood, CA20:41:38M