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Wrightwood Chamber of Commerce
US Rack and their Woody Rack
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Race Results

Select Year: 19861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012003200420052006200720082010201120122013
No Race in 2002 and 2009 due to fires

Race results where place = 28

YearPositionNameAgeLocationFinish TimeSex
198628Hap Arnold0--, --29.51.03M
198728Robert Adjemian0--, --30.45.51M
198828Jim U'Ren0--, --29.00.22M
198928Jerry Blinn0--, --26.43.27M
199028Lance Goss0--, --27.01.10M
199128Scott Willis0--, --27.59.15M
199228Kathy Welch0--, --27.44.40M
199328Maureen McGrath0--, --28.45.18M
199428Randy Rhodes0--, --27.30.50M
199528Elaina McMahon0--, --26.25.54M
199628Bob Ulloa0--, --26.48.33M
199728Patrick Stewart0--, --25.31.03M
199828Jerry Little0--, --27.24.50M
199928akabill Molmen0--, --27.53.17M
200028Juan Herrera32Santa Ana, MEX25:45.3M
200128Marc Andrieux45Realmont, FRA28:00.5M
200328Scott Parker39Hoover, AL29:00.1M
200428Jamshid Khajavi51Kirkland, WA27:42.6M
200528Daniel Marcus39Chicago, IL29:38.4M
200628Hoberto Serrano40Downey, CA26:31.1M
200728Leif Rustvold32Portland, OR26:38:46M
200828Dan Brenden57Phoenix, AZ26:53.5M
201028Andy Kumeda42Sierra Madre, CA28:14.2M
201128Don Freeman 48Roseville , CA 27:55.3M
201228Sally McRae (F)33Aliso Viejo, CA27:20.12F
201328Gil Blank49Lake Balboa, CA27:24.27M

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