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No Race in 2002 and 2009 due to fires

Race results where place = 27

YearPositionNameAgeLocationFinish TimeSex
198627Bob Beach0--, --29.49.34M
198727Dennis Coffee0--, --30.42.48M
198827Ray Hermanson0--, --28.52.38M
198927Bill Lee0--, --26.41.50M
199027Larry Castano0--, --26.46.52M
199127Toni Stermolle0--, --27.58.11M
199227John Mark0--, --27.44.40M
199327John Peacock0--, --28.26.42M
199427David Turner0--, --27.25.31M
199527Bernard Coudurier0--, --26.16.33M
199627Gary Henslee0--, --26.45.17M
199727Vince Pedroia0--, --25.14.36M
199827Suzanne Brana0--, --27.04.20M
199927Thomas Knutsen0--, --27.47.43M
200027William Stenzel26Soda Springs, CA25:37.3M
200127Monica Scholz (F)34Jerseyville,Ontario, CAN27:43.4F
200327Charles Park49West Covina, CA28:55.3M
200427Michael Campbell54Dale City, VA27:35.4M
200527John Price47Ashland, OR29:21.2M
200627Jimmy Freeman29Los Angeles, CA26:27.5M
200727Andrew Heard41Phoenix, AZ25:49:56M
200827Ken Farley43Pasadena, CA26:47.3M
201027Brent Speers51Wrightwood, CA28:10.4M
201127Chase Duarte44Vail, AZ27:55.3M
201227Ken Letterle29Saudia Arabia, SA27:18.23M
201327Willard Weston52Redondo Beach, CA27:21.46M
201427Dawn Poole36Monrovia, CA26:22:23F