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No Race in 2002 and 2009 due to fires

Race results where place = 14

YearPositionNameAgeLocationFinish TimeSex
198614Paul Garnett0--, --27.32.30M
198714Ted Winters0--, --27.44.08M
198814Kathy Britcliffe0--, --26.30.55M
198914Peter Gargarin0--, --23.25.11M
199014Larry Goodman0--, --23.35.48M
199114Edith Bogenhuber0--, --24.31.04M
199214Thomas Green0--, --23.43.46M
199314Brandon Sybrowsky0--, --25.44.42M
199414Tom Nielsen0--, --23.39.37M
199514Kirk Apt0--, --22.55.34M
199614Kevin Lee0--, --23.41.40M
199714Bill Kee0--, --23.12.24M
199814Gabriel Flores0--, --22.53.59M
199914Stephen Harris0--, --24.06.47M
200014Nate McDowell28Corvallis, OR23:35.3M
200114Stephen Harris47Harbor City, CA25:57.1M
200314Jussi Hamalainen56Agoura Hills, CA26:04.2M
200414Troy Limb43Pollock Pines, CA25:18.3M
200514Chris Stephenson40Los Angeles, CA26:46.5M
200614Jussi Hamalainen60Agoura Hills, CA23:43.2M
200714Mark Marcelli48San Diego, CA23:20:03M
200814Jai Ralls33Eugene, OR23:15.4M
201014Jeff Lang42Oakland, CA25:18.5M
201114Jamie Gifford49SeaTac, WA25:49.0M
201214Mark Flores43San Dimas, CA24:41.27M
201314Aaron Flynn28South Pasadena, CA23:43.43M
201414Robert Whited49Riverside, CA23:46:53M