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Race results where place = 1

YearPositionNameAgeLocationFinish TimeSex
19861Richard Provost0--, --21.52.11M
19871Jim Gensichen0--, --19.37.13M
19881Jim Gensichen0--, --20.21.49M
19891Jim O'Brien0--, --17.35.48M
19901Jussi Hamalainen0--, --19.31.24M
19911Jussi Hamalainen0--, --20.12.56M
19921Fred Shuffelbarger0--, --19.22.16M
19931Fred Shuffelbarger0--, --19.41.44M
19941Ben Hian0--, --18.39.48M
19951Ben Hian0--, --19.11.11M
19961Ben Hian0--, --18.50.24M
19971Cirildo C Gonzalez0--, --19.37.03M
19981Ben Hian0--, --19.05.35M
19991Tom Nielsen0--, --19.07.50M
20001Tom Nielsen41San Diego, CA19:09.0M
20011Jorge Pacheco33Los Angeles, CA19:05.1M
20031Jorge Pacheco34Los Angeles, CA18:52.4M
20041Jorge Pacheco36Los Angeles, CA19:10.5M
20051Guillermo Medina29North Hollywood, CA19:33.2M
20061Hal Koerner30Ashland, OR18:37.5M
20071Kevin Dean36Lake Hughes, CA19:34:41M
20081Hal Koerner32Ashland, OR18:29.3M
20101Jorge Pacheco42Los Angeles, CA19:20.5M
20111Dominic Grossman24Playa del Rey, CA20:21.3M
20121Chris Price31Pasadena, CA19:46.06M
20131Dominic Grossman26Costa Mesa, CA19:06.03M
20141Ruperto Romero50Huntington Park, CA19:28:01M