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RACE STARTS IN 155 days (8/1/2015)
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If you are involved in mountain trail endurance running, you know it takes a small army of volunteers to put on a "point to point" 100 mile endurance run.

We need:
1) help at several late wilderness aid stations:
-Idlehour Checkpoint at 83 miles,
-Sam Merrill Checkpoint at 89 miles and
-Millard Checkpoint at 95 miles into the race.

2) help staffing our kitchen at the Finish Line at Loma Alta Park in Altadena.

3) medical volunteers as part of the new Ultra Medical Team, i.e. Paramedics, Nurse, EMTs, First Aid. Everyone that volunteers with the Ultra Medical Team is covered for professional liability (a.k.a. medical malpractice) insurance. Go to to the SignUp tab where you can read about the Ultra Medical Team.

4) help trail marking

5) help trail sweeping (preferably with HAM radio).

6) experienced trail maintenance people that can lead large AC100 Trail Maintenance teams on the weekend starting in early April through middle of July.

If you are available on August 1/2, 2015 (Sat/Sun),
Please contact:
Any help will be appreciated.

For detail information on race including: course maps and profiles, cutoff times, rules and regulation:
2014 AC100 Race Book and
2013 Official AC100 Video

are both posted on the top right corner of the website.

For all future race dates click on the box: "click for entire message".

Parking at Loma Alta Park during the race.
The biggest challenge of putting on the race is controlling where we park vehicles during the race. Parking at Loma Alta Park was never intended to handle vehicle from 150+ runner/crew/pacer. In order to minimize the parking problem we need your help. As the race grows in popularity, vehicle parking problem will also grow unless we try to fix it before it becomes a major problem.
Loma Alta Park: Do not park your vehicles in the parking lot off Palm Street just South of the restrooms. This parking lot is only for Run Management. We need parking spaces close to the park to put on the race. We are only allowed to reserve 15 parking spaces. The rest are not posted and available for general public use. However, we need all of the parking spaces, even if it is not posted.

There plenty of parking on Lincoln Ave, Palm Street, Loma Alta Drive and Sunset Ridge Road. There are two large parking lots off Sunset Ridge Road next to the baseball field and the pool area.

Future race dates:
All future races will be the first week in August. The race is on Sa/Su. We provide the Th/Fr dates for Wrightwood planning purposes since the race weekend can straddle both July and August and cause confusion.

28th Annual AC100 will be July 30/31, 2015 (Th/Fr) & August 1/2, 2015 (Sa/Su)
29th Annual AC100 will be August 4/5/6/7, 2016 (Th/Fr/Sa/Su)
30th Annual AC100 will be August 3/4/5/6, 2017 (Th/Fr/Sa/Su)
31st Annual AC100 will be August 2/3/4/5, 2018 (Th/Fr/Sa/Su)
32nd Annual AC100 will be August 1/2/3/4, 2019 (Th/Fr/Sa/Su)
33rd Annual AC100 will be July 30/31, 2020 (Th/Fr) & August 1/2, 2020 (Sa/Su)

Highway 2 is now open from LaCanada to WW.

Driving to Chantry Flats during race weekend.
Chantry Flats is open to crews. However, parking is very limited! Do not take a motor home or any large vehicle because of the limited space to drive, park and turn around. There is also "one-way" section near the end of the drive, to accommodate a damaged section of the road that has not been repaired yet.

The USFS has increased its focus on safety.
Volunteers working in the forest are now required to wear long pants and shirts, gloves and work boots (not running/tennis shoes etc). Hard hats if available. These are now USFS requirements, not requests. Please comply.


The 2014 AC100 Training Runs/Trail Work Schedule is for Reference Only, to give new runners a "warm fuzzy" of what to expect in April 2015. The 2015 schedule will be similar to the 2014 schedule. We will send an eMail to all of the runners when we post the new 2015 AC100 Training Run/Trail Work Schedule. It is very important that we have your correct eMail address.

2014 AC100 Training Runs -Trail Work Schedule Posted 4-7-14.
April 26, 7:00AM (Saturday): Trail Work (This trail work day restricted to the 1st 30 who call or email Hal that they are coming.
* Meet at Hahamongana Park-Ball Diamond (see directions below) at 7:00AM.
* Carpool to work site.
* Trucks, SUVs, 4WDs drive up Mt Wilson Rd to Idlehour CP.
* Trail work will be on Idlehour East side trail.

April 27 6:30AM (Sunday): Training Run
* Meet at Chantry Flats parking lot at 6:30AM. Adventure Pass required.
* Carpool to Chilao Flats CP. (Start together please). Adventure Pass required.
* Run 22 miles from Chilao Flats to Chantry Flats parking lot.

May 24 (Saturday): Trail Work NOTICE: This trail work day also restricted to the 1st 30 who call or email Hal that they are coming.
* Meet at Hahamongna Park-Ball Diamond at 7:00AM. Carpool to work site.
* Trail work: Idlehour Trail on the West side. High clearance vehicle only.
* Drive up Mt Lowe fire road to Sam Merrill CP.

May 25 (Sunday): Training Run
* Meet at Chilao flats Visitor Center at 7:00AM.
* Carpool to Islip Saddle. Start together please.
* Run 27 miles from Islip Saddle to Chilao Flats Visitor Center.
* Water at normal Cps between Islip Saddle CP and Chilao CP.
* Advise rain protection gear. Trash bag adequate.

June 14 (Saturday) Trail Work
* Meet at Hahamongna Park-Ball Diamond at 7:00AM.
* Carpool to work site.
* Trail work on Wintercreek Trail. High clearance vehicle recommended.
* Drive down Mt Wilson Toll Rd to Harvard Saddle parking.

June 15 (Sunday) Training Run
* Day time run to Finish area.
* This training run may not have aid during the run.
* Meet at Finish area at Loma Alta Park at 7 AM..
* Parking lot is on North side of the park.
* Carpool to Chantry Flats. We need carpool drivers.
* Start together after short briefing, please.
* Run 26 miles form Chantry Flats to Loma Alta Park.
* Please be completely self contained.
* Water accessible at Chantry Flats.
* Water accessible at Idlehour Creek. Purification tablet or filter recommended.

June 21 (Saturday) Training Run
* Meet at Islip Saddle at 8 AM.
* Carpool to Wrightwood Community Center.
* Water & aid at Vincent Gap CP.
* Spring water at Little Jimmy Springs. Sign just off the trail.
* Advise rain protection. Trash bag adequate.

July 12 (Saturday) Trail Work
* Meet at Hahamongna Park-Ball Diamond at 7:00 AM.
* Carpool to work site. High clearance vehicle only.
* Drive the Red Box-Rincon Rd
* Trail work will be on the Gabrielino Trail below Newcomb Saddle.

Directions to Hahamongna Park
* Ball Diamond just outside the location previously known as Oak Grove Ranger Station
* Exit at 210 Freeway at Berkshire/Oak Grove Dr. off ramp (in La Canada) to Oak Grove Dr.
* Go North past La Canada High School to Foothill Blvd.
* Turn right at Hahamongna Park sign one block and make left turn downhill then right at bottom to the parking lot behind the Ball Diamond.

General Procedure at all Training Runs and Work Days.
* Sign in and provide emergency phone number on both Training Runs and Work Days
* No Trail Work Certification Form needed for those who sign in on sign in sheet.
* Read JHA (USFS-Job Hazard Analysis) on AC100 website (saves us time at work site.
* When you sign in you are agreeing that you have read the JHA.
* Contact Hal Winton at: (310) 534-1704
* Contact Hal at: e-mail at harold l winton []or
* Contact Hal by mail at: Hal Winton, 24409 S. Meyler, Harbor City, CA 90710
* Purchase Adventure Pass at: Sports Chalet, REI, Shell gas and display your Adventure Pass on front windshield.
* Required when parking on the forest, except on a very few designated days.
* Adventure Pass is not required at Hahamongna Park public parking lots or at Wrightwood Community Center
* Adventure Pass is required to park at Chilao & Chantry Flats, Islip Saddle, Eagles Roost and most other areas within the forest.
* $5 a day Adventure Pass available at some LaCanada/Pasadena sporting good stores, local gas stations and at some Wrightwood stores.

Angeles Crest 100 mile endurance run

The San Gabriel back country retains much of the natural beauty, if not the primitive wilderness of yesteryear. Thanks largely to the foresight and capable supervision of the U.S. Forest Service and hundreds of volunteers. Picnic areas and campgrounds have been constructed with minimum displacement of the natural setting.

Those desiring to see this primitive wilderness in a single day are invited to participate in the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run.

Email to:

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