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RACE STARTS IN 67 days (8/1/2015)
RACEBOOK(pdf): 2012201320142015NEW



New Pacer Rules. Revised 4-9-2015.

Problem: Normally parking is ‘very limited’ at Chantry Flats (CF) and on the shoulder of the road leading to CF. This year we have 100 more runners, so the parking at CF could be extremely difficult.

New pacers will be allowed at Chilao and CF. New pacers will not be allowed at Shortcut or Newcomb Saddle.

Only ‘crew vehicle’ with ‘Car ID’ will be allowed access to the aid station parking lots and on the shoulder of Hwy 2 parking near the aid station, including to Chilao and CF aid stations.

A ‘Car ID’ will be given the runner when the runner registers in Wrightwood on Friday morning. It will have the: runner name, bib number, drivers name and drivers license number. This information will be used by both AC100 and CHP.

Pacers cannot leave there vehicles at CF. Vehicle left by a pacer at: 1) CF or 2) the access road to CF, will automatically disqualify their runner.

Recommendation: if you are going to use two pacers, one at Chilao and a second one at CF. Have the crew with the ‘Car ID’ drive the first pacer to Chilao, then drive the second pacer to CF and exchange pacers at CF and leave with second pacer, without parking your vehicle at CF.

Parking on the course during the race. Revised 4-9-2015.

Problem: Normally parking is ‘very limited’ at aid station parking lot and on the shoulder of Hwy 2 on the course near the aid station. This year we will have 100 more runners, so the parking at aid station and on the course could be extremely difficult.

Only one crew vehicle with a ‘Car ID’ will be allowed to park at: 1) the aid station parking lot or 2) on the shoulder of Hwy 2 on the course near the aid station.

If you park on the shoulder of Hwy 2, be sure you park “legally”. Do not park over the ‘white fog line’ or you may get a ticket from the CHP and we will hold your runner for 1 hour on the first infraction and disqualify the runner on the second infraction.

Documents you need to read to run this race:

1) Application sign up on-line. Click on Apply Now button on top of page.
Enter your e-mail address and
Create a new password
2) Sample Application
3) Flow Diagram for Qualification and Trail Maintenance
4) Dear Runner letter
Welcome runners to 2014 race
Schedule of events
Drop bag pickup in WW on Friday at 12:30PM
5) Runner Log On:
Click on the Log In button at the top of the page.


For TRAINING RUN / TRAIL WORK SCHEDULE click on "Blue Button" [Click for entire message]

We need:
1) help at several aid stations and
2) medical volunteers at aid stations i.e. Paramedics, Nurse, EMTs, First Aid.
3) trail marking
4) trail sweep (preferably with HAM radio).
If you are available on August 1/2/3, 2014 (Fri/Sat/Sun),
Please contact: ken.hamada3@gmail.com
Any help will be appreciated.

For detail information on race including: course maps and profiles, cutoff times, rules and regulation; the 2013 AC100 Race Book is posted on the top right corner of the website.

For all future race dates click on the box: "click for entire message".


2011 AC100:
Runners on Mt Baden Powell at 9300 ft elevation

Comparing 100 Mile Races

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Angeles Crest 100 mile endurance run

The San Gabriel back country retains much of the natural beauty, if not the primitive wilderness of yesteryear. Thanks largely to the foresight and capable supervision of the U.S. Forest Service and hundreds of volunteers. Picnic areas and campgrounds have been constructed with minimum displacement of the natural setting.

Those desiring to see this primitive wilderness in a single day are invited to participate in the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run.

Email to: