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AC-100 FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you provide a Shuttle Service from the Finish in Pasadena back to the Start in Wrightwood ?
   We do not provide a shuttle service back to the start in Wrightwood. However, in 23 years of the race, we have never had a case where a runner could not find transportation to get to where he needed to go. If you arrived with a rental car in Wrightwood, there will be 25 others runners in similar circumstances. We suggest you team up with another runner and plant one of the cars at the Finish area, than drive back together to Wrightwood after the race is over. We will post the Name of runners and the City, State, and Country where they are from, on Thursday afternoon before the race. If you still have a problem, bring it up during the trail briefing on Friday. Or just run the race and catch a ride with someone going back to Wrightwood. Wrightwood residents are volunteers and come to Pasadena to watch the runners finish the race. The most difficult part of the race is getting to the Finish area, not getting back to work on Monday.
2Will you have training runs on the course during the months before the race?
   We will have four course familiarization runs during the months leading up to the race. Each training run will cover 1/4 of the course. We will have one night run on the last 1/4 of the course to give runners an opportunity to experience a night run. Date and time of the training runs will be posted in the Trail Maint.Sch.(& Training Runs)Page of this website.
   If you live in Southern Calif, south of Fresno, you are required to work on the AC100 course trails (look under trail work schedules). If you live any where else you can work on ultra run courses accessible to you.
4How do I get my trail work certification form approved and signed off?
   Contact ultra run RD's/officials, discuss your work plans with them and have them sign your trail work certification form after work is completed. No form necessary at work on AC100 course (sign in is satisfactory).
5What if there are no ultra runs in my area?
   Contact run officials wherever you plan to run in an ultra run and set it up with them.
6When does the trail work schedule (and training runs) schedule for the AC100 course come out?
   On AC100 web site in mid March.
7When is the 1st AC100 course trail work scheduled?
   Late April
8What do I bring to the AC100 course work and how do I dress?
   AC100 furnishes trail tools & work gloves. Dress adequately, long pants, long sleeved shirt and sun hat. Bring water and snacks, bug juice . Volunteers with rugged high clearance vehicles to drive to work sites are welcome.
9Will I complete my my trail work 8 hour requirement in one day's work on the AC100 course?
10Can I pay for, substitute another's work or get out of doing the trail work due to hardship?
11Can I use the trail work I did last year?
   No. Calender year only.
12Can I use my one days AC100 course trail work to cover an other or several other 100's at the same time?
   No. One day's work for AC100, one for WS 100, one for WF100, etc.
13What if I missed all the previously scheduled AC100 course trail work dates and an emergency prevents me from attending the last trail work day?
   Don't put off doing the trail work. Co-RD Hal Winton will help you in a valid emergency.
14A.C. (100)?
1. Real Estate. air conditioning.
2. Elect. alternating current.
3. before Christ.
[< L ante Christum]
4. Army Corps.
5. Athletic Club.
15What was that?
   Oh man...I was running in the A.C.100 mile run the other night and I was running up in the mountains and i thought i was hallucinating...i was freaking out man!! --i thought I saw a giant chicken man...he was trying to get me man!! -- I was freeaking out... i didn't know what was going to happen man!! ---i though it was going to start throwing giant rotten eggs at me man!! --- i thought I was gonna die man!! --- I was Freaking out man!!!

Really man what was that?!! - I had to check the definition of A.C. just to find a correlation between the two...