2002 Angeles Crest 100
Agenda, Training Run, and Trail Work Day

March 8, 2002

Dear Runners,

Welcome to the Seventeenth Annual Angeles crest 100 Mile Endurance Run, starting 5:00 AM Saturday September 28th from beautiful downtown Wrightwood.

General status of this years run. We are completely staffed with: checkpoint leader, medical personnel, Search & Rescue, HAMs, Wrightwood volunteers, and volunteers prepared to assist you reach you goals. We will have Gatorade, cola, sweet stuff, salty stuff, water, ice, fruit, hot chicken soup, … everything you will require to finish the race. Our ultimate goal is to provide physical, mental, and spiritual challenge and the support you will need to attain your goals.

The schedule of events are as follows:

September 27th, Friday in Wrightwood

- Welcome Wrightwood

-Medical concerns

-USFS concerns

-Search & Rescue concerns

September 28th, Saturday in Wrightwood

September 29, Sunday at Johnson’s Field

The picnic is for all runners and volunteers. We will have Hamburger and Chili. We will charge a nominal fee for runners support crew, pacer and spectators. Everyone is welcome.

Please check the spelling of your name on this envelope. We will engrave your name on the Finisher Plaque as it appears on this envelope. We will not be responsible for miss-spelled names if it is the same as on this envelope. There will be an additional fee if we must engrave a second plaque.

This will be the only correspondence to the runners. The final word on trail condition and support crew information will be at the Wrightwood trail briefing on Friday. If you have problems of concerns prior to race weekend, the best way to communicate with Run Management is via SASE or email to: ken@ac100.com. Phone calls are probably the worst way. Long distance call will be returned collect. Collect calls cannot be made to answering machine. If there is a problem that affects the race, a notice will be posted on the AC100 website in the Frequency Asked Question section. Website: http://www.ac100.com/

The Run Brochure should be mailed around June/July 2002, with all of the details you will need. For more info on Training Runs: call Hal Winton (310) 534-1704 (h) or email: h_winton@juno.com For more info on Wrightwood accommodation call: George Evans: (760) 249-5542, email: george_bj@yahoo.com

No dogs will be allowed at the AC100 Checkpoints and course: 1) during race and 2) during all scheduled AC100 training runs. We had several major problems last year. If we have a problem with your dog, it could result in the disqualification of your runner or you may not be able to participate in future AC100 races.

Ken Hamada, Hal Winton

Race Director, Co-Race Director

(626) 447-1574 (h) (310) 534-1704 (h)

email: ken@ac100.com, h_winton@juno.com

website: http//www.ac100.com

Advanced Accommodation:

  1. Wrightwood Chamber of Commerce: (760) 249-3256
  2. Economy Inn: (760) 249-6777 is not recommended. They doubled their rates after runners made their reservation in September 1999.
  3. Pines Motel: (760) 249-9931
  4. Wrightwood Sales and Rental: (760) 249-3339
  5. Pasadena Convention & Visitor Center Bureau: (626) 795-9311
  6. Pasadena Chamber of Commerce: (626) 795-3355

(Note: the Run Brochure will have 2 pages of accommodations in Wrightwood, Victorville, Pasadena, and Glendale.)



2002 AC100 Training Run -Trail Work Schedule & Volunteer Appreciation Day BBQ

April 27, 7:00AM (Saturday): Trail Work:

April 28, 7:00AM (Sunday): Training Run:

May 11, 7:00AM (Saturday): Trail Work/Night Training Run.

Trail Work:

Night Training Run (This training run will not have any aid during the run):

Hal Winton AC100 Co-RD & Trail Work Coord. Unavailable all of June to July 20th. Don’t bother calling until after July 20th.

July 27, 7:00AM (Saturday) Trail Work

July 28, 7:00AM (Sunday): Training Run

August 24, 8:00AM (Saturday): Trail Work

August 25, 7:00AM (Sunday) Training Run

August 25, 12:00 Noon (Sunday) AC100 Volunteers Appreciation Day BBQ

Directions to Oak Grove Work Station previously known as Oak Grove Ranger Station

General Procedure at all Training Runs and Work Days.