Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run


Photos this page by Skip Eastman

From Wrightwood to Pasadena. 100 miles includes 90 miles of trails and 8 miles of dirt road in the Angeles National Forest including portions of the Pacific Crest Trail, and 2 miles of paved road. The race starts on Park Street in downtown Wrightwood and finishes at Johnson's Field in Pasadena. There is a 21,610 ft. accumlative elevation gain, 26,700 ft. accumlative loss, resulting in a 48,310 feet total elevation Change. The highest point is Mt. Balden-Powell at the 9,210 ft. level.

The Run Brochure contains: course description and profile; aid stations, drop bag, and pacer information, safety issues, accommodations, award Ceremony, and picnic, medical aid, race organization, sponsors, detail maps, check-in time, and trail information. The medical check, trail briefing, and drop bag pickup will occur on Friday in Wrightwood. The medical Check is mandatory. For advance accommodation Call Wrightwood Chamber of Commerce: (619) 249-4320.

Maps of the course
LA Area map - Freeways
Start to Finish with Fwys
Complete Map of entire course
Start & Race course description
Map 1 Miles 0 - 14
Map 2 Miles 14 - 29
Map 3 Miles 30 - 53
Map 4 Miles 52-83
Map 5 Miles 83-100
Map 6 Finish Line Map

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