Starting in 2001, the Sixteenth Annual; Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run will require eight hours of Trail Maintenance Work that supports an Endurance Running Event. Only Trail Maintenance Work that supports an Endurance Event will be accepted. General volunteer work at an ultramarathon will not be accepted.

The reason we are adding this new requirement is: we need help maintaining the AC100 course that you run on. A small group of local volunteers have been doing it for 15 years but we are finally running out of gas. If you do not work on AC100 trails and you work in another state or country, then other endurance event will benefit from our requirement. AC100 benefits from both WS100 and Wasatch Trail Work requirement.

For those runners living in Southern California (South of Fresno) the Trail Maintenance Work must be performed on AC100 course Trail Maintenance Work must be performed by the runner.

Trail Maintenance Work schedule on AC100 course will begin in middle March 2001 and go through end of August, with the peak trail maintenance happening in June through August when we get the maximum vegetation growth as a result of the winter and spring rain. The Trail Maintenance/Training Run Schedule (TM/TRS) will be mailed only to the Runners that have entered the race, as we have done over the years. It will be posted on the AC100 website.


Contact Hal Winton for Trail Maintenance Schedule: Hal Winton, Co-Race Director, 24409 S. Meyler, Harbor City, CA 90710; (310) 534-1704.

The best way to communicate with the Run Organization is as follows: Send a SASE with a written request. Next best way: Send email to: The worst way is by telephone/voice mail. We cannot make a collect call to voice mail. Please take a few moments to PRINT or TYPE your name/address clearly, it will save us both a lot of time in the long run!

The volunteer service must be performed before August 20, 2001.

This form must be returned no later than September 1, 2001 before you start the race.

Date Trail Maintenance Work was performed:____/____/____

(Submit one form for each date of service)

Hours of Trail Maintenance Work performed on this date:________

Brief description of Trail Maintenance Work performed.

Name of Event the Trail Maintenance supports _____________________________________________

Description of Trail Maintenance Work:


Send completed form to: Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run, 370 West Colorado Street, Arcadia, CA 91007. For additional information: send SASE to AC100, 370 West Colorado St., Arcadia, CA 91007 or email: Phone: (626) 447-1574 (h).




City, State, Zip: ______________________________________________________________________


CERTIFICATION ( by USFS, BLM, Park Service, Race Director, Co-Race Director, etc)



City, State, Zip ______________________________________________________________________




Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run


Runner's Race Drop Contract

Runners Name:_________________________________________

I ______________________________am an Official AC100 Race Entry and in event that I need to drop from the Race, I agree to notify Run Official at the Checkpoint that I am dropping from the Race and turn in my Medical Wristband to the Run Official at the Checkpoint where I am dropping, prior to my exit from the Race.

Runners cannot drop out at the Kratka Ridge, Pajarito, or Glenwood. Highway Crossing. Runners must notify Run Official at the next Checkpoint and turn in their Medical Wristband.

Failure to notify Race Official and turn-in my Medical Wristband will make me ineligible for future AC100 events and could make me responsible for reimbursement of Search and Rescue Team and helicopter use expenses.

I have read this contract and understand it.

__________________________________ _____________

signature of runner