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Sports Talk for Kids Video on YouTube

Among ultramarathons, the Angeles Crest 100 is considered by some to be tougher than the Western States, Leadville, and the Wasatch. The AC 100 begins in Wrightwood, CA, and winds up and down the Pacific Crest Trail before ending in Pasadena. Over 100 ultra runners began the race before dawn on Aug. 28, 2010, and 65 finishers endured the challenging trail runs for up to 33 hours. Jorge Pacheco won the race for the fourth time in 19 hours, 20 minutes. The final finisher, Gil Blank, crossed the finished line just 13 seconds before the 33-hour cutoff. At the finish line, dozens of family and friends - as well as fellow competitors - welcomed the runners as they accomplished this amazing feat. It takes a unique individual to compete in an ultramarathon like the AC 100, and Nick Garner of SportsTalk4Kids interviewed several of the runners, including Pacheco and course record holder Jim O'Brien.